Sheryll Murray Demo

"Is their a hole I can crawl into?"
“Is there a hole I can crawl into?”

A statement has been released from the organisers of the spontaneously called Demo against Sheryll Murray’s recent behaviour, that has appalled many and drawn criticism from across the board.

Protesters are invited to congregate by the Fountains in the middle of Liskeard at 1pm on Tuesday for Speeches, followed by a march to her office.

Alfie Hillson,  organiser of the Demo, said:

“We the people of South East Cornwall did not elect an MP to parliament to subvert democracy and the rights of every MP to speak and give their point of view. Or to violate the rights of disabled people. We are calling on everyone who feels equally as disgusted to gather at 1 pm on Tuesday.

Organisers have received support from across the country with many other MPs, including fellow Tories, being disgusted by her behaviour.

Murray also used the same tactics in the morning when speaking in favour of Devonwall, in direct contrast to a Steven Double speech that has been widely welcomed. (see related articles).

“What makes it worse is that the (afternoon) debate centered around the Disability Equality Training Bill  -which could have provided disability awareness training for taxi drivers & extra support for those with guide dogs” said Alfie.

If you cant make it on Tuesday, organisers have asked supporters to post comments on the FB  Event page wall (link below) which will be printed and handed in to her office. (Best take a photo, she’s developing a habit of losing constituent’s correspondence…)

Alfie urged those outraged by their paid representative to attend.

“Let’s try and get as many people there as possible to show her that this behaviour will not be accepted…”



  1. Sorry to be a jerk, and I fully agree with the protest as Sheryll has absolutely no excuse for this behavior but I believe that the tag line in that image should read “there” rather than “their”.

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