#BlockedBySheryll : She denied MPs the right to speak in the Commons, now she's shutting us all up online too! 

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Well, if you are not #BlockedBySheryll by now, you’ll soon will be!

The hashtag, originally posted by frontbench Labour MP Andrew Gwynne to support Cornish people angry with their under fire MP Sheryll Murray, is trending a day before a community protest organised against the Cornish MP.

Responding to a huge amount of criticism she has received for her parliamentary performance last Friday, the MP for SE Cornwall has said in one curt message that she didn’t need to  justify herself and wouldn’t be saying anything only to hastily rushing out a statement only hours later, that in itself drew more criticism. (I would show you a copy but we’ve been, er #blockedbysheryll).

She’s been blocking everyone and anyone from Facebook and Twitter who dare try to criticise, deleting comments and doing her best to ignore the queue of people waiting for an explanation of  her bizarre behaviour..  She calls it “abuse”!

Constituents have flooded her pages with hundreds of messages condemning what they see as a dereliction of duty saying “we did not elect an MP to Parliament to subvert democracy”.

We understand she’s not very happy at the articles we wrote either. Oops, sorry about that.

So Murray and her senior Tory Party chums have swung into action today releasing a series of stories to local media in order to launch a massive counter offensive against a genuinely spontaneous community reaction to  her performance in the Commons that has been described as ‘outrageous’ and “cruel”. It even had fellow Tory MPs shouting “shameful” and “disgraceful” as she succeeded in stopping a simple bill in Parliament designed to help disabled people.

Tory central office has virtually hijacked SW media group @cornwalllive , Plymouth Herald, WMN (have they all forgotten they are no longer owned by the Daily Mail?)  today with stories so cleverly spun and twisted you have to admire them – but only when you’ve seen the other side of the story first. They definitely give you a different point of view to the one you might of read somewhere else on the web … we can’t think where.  If it wasn’t for those meddling kids.

The demo goes ahead as planned at Liskeard tomorrow despite Storm Angus.  Labour / Momentum and LibDem spokespeople are lined up to tell the people of Liskeard of their support however Sheryll herself has scarpered back to London,  after attending a Masonic dinner in Torpoint Saturday night, apparently too busy to listen to the concerns of her constituents, the people who pay her.

Still, there’s a doubt she really cares what they think anyway.

“The way Sheryll has handled this situation shows just how scared she is” said organiser Alfie Hillson “She can block us on social media but she can’t block out our voices”.

Campaigners have said that this would be the beginning of a big push to oust the Tory and urged people not to let the momentum slip after tomorrow’s demo.

Alfie stated: “The whole protest is a movement for anyone with other concerns about Sheryll from within her constituency and people from other areas out of her constituency to join us. She claims that she will only represent her constituents but it didn’t stop her talking on behalf of constituents that were not hers when it came to Devonwall. Come along my friend, you are most welcome.



(Sources say the easiest way to get #blockedbysheryll is to send her one of our articles)

If you can’t get to the demo tomz then leave a message of support at https://www.facebook.com/events/900899653378932/