Heliport Update: "What people have been asking for, ever since the last helicopter left, finally looks like coming to fruition"


Story by Radio Scilly

The planning proposal to reinstate a regular scheduled helicopter service between the Isles of Scilly and the Mainland has seen a record breaking number of comments submitted to Cornwall Council.

The majority of comments support the initiative, which was announced to the public at the end of August and lays out plans to reinstate a regular helicopter service –  and build a new heliport on Jelbert Way in Penzance.

The public consultation period has now closed. 2621 comments in support of the planning application for a new heliport have been made to Cornwall Council with 22 objections.

Tom Matthews, Head of Marketing for Tresco Estate joined Will Lethbridge today at Radio Scilly to give an update on the proposal.

Tom said “The response has quiet literally been record breaking.”

“What people have been asking for ever since the last helicopter left finally looks like coming to fruition”

Because of it’s importance to the Cornish and the islands’ economies the heliport plan has had to go to the higher level Strategic Planning committee.

Tom told Radio Scilly “They are not just looking at the impact of people on the islands or people in Penzance, it’s a much much bigger project than that”

With regards to the objections Tom said “Most of those were from people in the Penzance area who are understandably concerned about the impact of noise and things like that. We’re now at the stage where we can then respond to those concerns and say well this is your concern and this is what we’re going to do about it.” Later on Tom said “The support for this project has been incredible.”

A decision on the proposal is expected in either January or February next year and should the planning application be approved by Cornwall Council there could be a new helicopter service in operation between Scilly and the Mainland by the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018.

You can hear the full Radio Scilly interview with Tom below.




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