Does Richmond By-Election herald return of Lib Dem MPs to Cornwall?


Victorious Sarah Olney MP & Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron this morning

Cornish Liberal Democrats are today celebrating the by-election triumph of Sarah Olney, the new Lib Dem MP for Richmond Park – and predicting a similiar comeback in Cornwall.

Frances Tippett, Chair of Cornwall Liberal Democrats said: “The stunning result in Richmond Park comes on the back of a string of successful council by-election results throughout Cornwall. If the Richmond result , or anything near it, was repeated here in Cornwall, it would see all the seats lost in 2015 return to the Lib Dems – as would all the other seats across Cornwall.”

The result in Richmond saw a swing of 21.7% from the Conservatives to the Liberal Democrats. Following the 2015 General Election in the three seats lost by the Liberal Democrats, St Ives only needs a 2.6% swing to return to the Lib Dems, North Cornwall 6.9% and St Austell 8.2%. The other three Cornish seats need between 13% and 17% swings.

“The result mirrors what our team is hearing on the doorstep day in and day out. People are already fed up with the Conservative government and the uncertainty over Brexit. The Liberal Democrats are the only ones who will stand up and fight for Cornwall in a way the Conservatives are failing every day.”

Ms Olney campaigned as a proud Remainer and has already said her victory gives her a mandate to Vote AGAINST triggering article 50.

Andrew George hailed the result as “a remarkable result” for collaborating progressives. He said this morning after the result:

“We hope this’ll be the game changer. Putting hope and tolerance above divisiveness and despondency. We should not forget and give credit to the Green Party and Caroline Lucas in particular. Evidence that if progressives work together we can overcome the forces of the right”

Good to see the loonies are back

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