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  1. Education, housing and good jobs for the people of Cornwall are my priorities. A Cornish Assembly is also advisable. Something has to be done to make up the huge shortfall in funding we will experience when we leave the EU and the subsidy is lost.

  2. The car parks should allow overnight parking for motorhomes as on the Continent for a fee and the money would help pay to keep the toilets open. It also brings extra reveue to our shops and restaurants etc. If it eorks in France and Spain why not here?

    • Congrats on making this point It’s weird how councils are so terrified of “travellers” that they turn Motorhome Rd away

  3. Cornwall council are not in any way democratic, but running Cornwall into the ground with its zealous promotion of building which is only going to worsen every aspect of Cornwall.
    If we need local need housing build it not the luxury pads for incomers .
    Cornwall council is promoting ethnic cleansing of the native population of Cornwall.

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