"There is room for you at our Inn" -Cornwall Church buys house for Syrian Refugees

Syrian Nativity – a middle eastern family in need of shelter

The Diocese of Truro is to buy a house in Cornwall to provide a home for Syrian refugees.

The property will be to provide so-called ‘move-on accommodation’ for people coming to Cornwall under the Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement Programme.

The Bishop’s Diocesan Council made the decision to go ahead and buy the home to support Cornwall Council and enable it to assist additional refugee families.

The Right Reverend Tim Thornton, Bishop Of Truro, said: “I am delighted we can help assist those who have had to flee their homes and am sure they will be given a warm welcome here in Cornwall.

“Of course it is poignant that this need should come to our attention during Advent, when we are preparing for Christmas, thinking about the nativity – and reminded of our Christian and humanitarian .

“We see on a daily basis the destruction that is being wreaked on parts of Syria, the heart-breaking and indiscriminate killing of children, women and men. If we can play some small part in helping people who are escaping that with their families, then course we should do so

“We need to continue to pray and work for justice and peace so that others will not feel the need to move from their own lands.”

Bishop Tim defended the money spent against criticism that may come from the decision :”We need to put our money where our mouth is” he said.

Bishop of Truro Tim Thornton