Cornwall Council wants a Ban on releasing Lanterns & Balloons from all public spaces in the Duchy


In Spring 2016 Cornwall Council put in place a ban preventing the release of all balloons and “Chinese” lanterns from Cornwall Council owned and managed land.

The intention of the ban was to prevent the release of this often harmful litter which causes unnecessary damage to the environment and wildlife, as well as having financial implications.

Cornwall Council is now looking to make a Public Spaces Protection Order preventing the release of these items from all Public Open Spaces in Cornwall.

No more romantic wishes sent into the sunset from a beach, no more parties where one is let off for every year of the birthday, no more letting one go just to pretend to your mate that there is an UFO invasion in full swing. Less litter and pollution though.

The RNLI said has seen a significant increase in the number of lifeboat callouts caused by lanterns being mistaken for distress flares. The Marine Conservation Society last year added its voice to the campaign after a survey of beaches found an increase in rubber, paper and pieces of metal. The charity wants the lanterns to be classed as litter so people releasing them could be fined as much as £2,500, arguing that they are a danger to marine life, among other things as well as scorching or polluting agricultural land.

However in order for the Council to do implement this ban it must have statistical data on the use of these items and, crucially, the detrimental effect on the quality of life of those in the locality.

So if you have any information relating to the discovery of these items and their harmful consequences then do write in. They very often end up in our marine and terrestrial environment.

If you have any information or data that would help this important cause please in the first instance send the information by email to Strategic Environment Service  or by post to;

Floor 3
Pydar House
Pydar Street
Truro TR1 1XU


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  1. Romance can not only be continued, but actually enhanced!

    I think it wold be great to be releasing, not balloons and lanterns, but doves !

    Doves, just like pigeons, quickly return to their nesting sites. So it could be a great little business for somebody to establish a large colony of doves and make them available for release at appropriate occasions.

    Good business, like selling old rope! And how wonderful to see a few dozen doves take off and circle instead of balloons!

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