Demand for a Full Council Debate – Sue James : "the Council's role in the STP process means that we deserve to comment"

By Cllr Sue James – On the “Shambolic STP Public Meeting in PZ” and demand that Councillors get chance to debate


I went to the public meeting to hear the views of local people rather than put my own. I came home and put what I believe people are saying forward in an email to those running the consultation. My contribution is in the email below.
As for the Penzance consultation event I think there is a well known phrase that sums up what happened: “Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance” – I’m not sure adequate preparation was made for the number of people and their passion. The format adopted might work for a workplace conference but not for such a meeting of the general public.
I still very much hope that as elected Councillors we will be given a debate in the Chamber on 24 January as I think the Councils role in this process means that we deserve to comment and guide the process. I have not completed the ‘Shaping our Future Survey’ as it was evident from last nights meeting that we are not starting this journey from where Health and Social Care provision in Cornwall is today. What is needed is a strong message to Government that these services do not need another raft of initiatives or re-organisation they need increased and fair funding to get services in the community functioning effectively.
*Tim Dwelly of Cornwall Labour has said that his party are supporting the call for a Full Council Debate Read it here
Cllr Sue James’ email to those running the consultation:

Subject: Feedback on STP

I would like to suggest that rather than the starting point being Cornwall’s NHS is overspending with motherhood and apple pie suggestions on what a utopian integrated NHS & Social Care system might look like, the document totally alters its starting point.

It needs to start with the system as people experience it today and map in predicted future demand based on all the good intelligence we have on our ageing population, obesity, drug use, alcohol consumption, mental health pressures etc. It then needs to assess what of that demand should be properly managed within the community by an effective and functioning integrated NHS and Social Care system. It then needs to put a price and timetable on getting from what we have today to an effective and functioning system and tell the Government, the public, Boards, Councillors, MPs that that is our plan that we can work to, IF APPROPRIATELY FUNDED.

Once we have an effective community based system of care we can review and re-organise and if appropriate reduce, bed based Care. The public cannot believe or trust the current STP process and plans as it needs to see the community care delivered before they can let go of other resources and believe that there are too many expensive beds.


Councillor Sue James
Representing the people St Just