Cornwall Schools facing Budget Cuts – see the impact on your child’s school

Story by Leah Browning

School budgets in Cornwall  are facing cuts via a change in policy to introduce a new national funding formula.

The Department of Education data shows that a new funding formula will leave 98% of schools getting less per pupil.

The local authority in Cornwall will receive £26,687,720 less in funding by 2020, averaging out at £410 less per child, potentially seeing the loss equal to 716 teachers in Cornish schools.

Unions have all blasted the potential impact, warning schools have already been “cut to the bone” .

Mary Bousted, General secretary of ATL said “Instead of wasting money on expanding grammar schools, the government needs to put the money where it will make the most difference, funding existing schools adequately.”

Education authorities have already claimed that the union’s figures on pupil numbers are inaccurate and so the amount of money cut per child will be in accurate too.

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If you are in opposition or concerned about the cuts to the education of the next generation, write to your mp & sign the petition