WeekendStuff: Claude Hamilton Rowbotham’s Art Exhibition


Falmouth Art Gallery now have a new exhibition of never publicly seen before paintings of local Cornish landscape by Claude Hamilton Rowbotham.


Rowbotham, born 1864, was a unique and incredibly skilled artist who produced breathtaking artwork using a single-plate coloured etching process. He never revealed his technique to anyone and has taken the secret to his grave. The original plates, which he made in secret, were destroyed at the time of his death so the only remains of his work are the limited edition prints which were produced by local women at the time in his premises on Upton Slip.


He invented this etching process in order for people to be able to afford his work. The etchings were made in a variety of sizes in order to match everyone’s budget.


What is unique about this exhibition is that it carries rare watercoloured paintings that Rowbotham did before he created his etching process.
The exhibition is free to visit and can be seen in the Entrance Gallery of Falmouth Art Gallery until February 11 2017.