Capital of Culture Bid – The Tories forgot to mention that all these people support it


Visit Cornwall – Malcolm Bell, CEO

Cornwall has been the number one UK holiday region eight years in succession in the British Tourism Awards. Although we have around 5 % overseas visitors to Cornwall each year, our cultural and arts is worthy of achieving a far greater reach than this, not only in the UK but internationally. 

This bid will enable Truro and Cornwall to showcase our cultural credentials internationally and, equally importantly, within the UK which will, in turn, encourage additional visitors to visit us, especially in the low seasons which is the holy grail of tourism growth”.

Chamber of Commerce – Kim Conchie, CEO



Cornwall has a cultural history and a vibrant contemporary enjoyment of its culture like nowhere else in Britain. Placing Truro at the heart of what will, no doubt, be a Cornwall-wide celebration and showcase of all that’s going on here will be amazing both for people who live and work here and love its uniqueness, and for the four million people who visit us each year for a taste of what we have to offer.”

Falmouth University – Professor Anne Carlisle, Vice Chancellor and CEO

We are proud to be a partner in this bid. It’s a real opportunity to bring together the whole of Cornwall in a celebration of our cultural and artistic talent. The economic and social impact that comes with being a Capital of Culture is huge and would provide a powerful and lasting legacy.”

Dan James – Development Director, Eden Project


The Eden Project is hugely supportive of Cornwall’s bid, and is working closely with partners from across the Duchy to make it a success. Eden has been open for fifteen years, and during that time we’ve learned a lot about the power of art and culture to inspire, inform and entertain audiences. We’ve also been able to demonstrate that an exciting vision, brought to life with flair and passion, can attract millions of people to our area with benefits to local businesses and thousands of jobs created.

Cornwall has a unique and wonderful artistic heritage, and its contemporary cultural life is one of the reasons we love our home. Eden is proud to support the bid”.

Cornwall Museum Partnership – Emmie Kell, CEO


Cornwall’s 70 museums are a window onto Cornwall and Cornishness, and a window onto the world for the people of Cornwall. They contain treasures from around the world which illustrate Cornwall’s diverse history, distinctive culture and global connections. We know that museums enrich lives through a delight in discovery, that they help people to connect with one another and deepen our understanding of the world.  Our collections have the potential to ignite interest and change perceptions of Cornwall. European Capital of Culture gives us a fantastic opportunity to use Cornwall’s heritage to inspire, animate and energise communities across the length and breadth Cornwall and to help us all to think differently about the potential of our place.”

Mark Osterfield – Executive Director of Tate St Ives

Cornwall deserves to become European Capital of Culture. Its rich cultural history is matched by a thriving contemporary cultural scene. The campaign for a European Region of Culture highlighted the abundance and diversity of creativity in the county, rooted in communities across Cornwall, who actively engage as participants as well as enthusiastic audiences. As European Capital of Culture Cornwall can celebrate its unique identity – grounded in this beautiful rural environment, looking out to and welcoming the world’.

Julien Boast – Director of the Hall for Cornwall


Cornwall is ready for this challenge. Applying to be European Capital of Culture will change our fortunes. Our region has a wealth of world class arts and culture, which rival any city in Europe. Most importantly, whether we win or not, out tourism market will flourish. Our residents will benefit hugely in terms of enriching their lives. Cornwall will have exported a world class arts & cultural brand to the world’. 

David Fryer – Chairman of the Charles Causley Trust

The Charles Causley Trust, based at the Poet’s former home in Launceston, has developed significantly in recent years with much backing from Arts Council England, Cornwall Council, Launceston Town Council, Literature Works and local Universities. The Capital of Culture bid is a wonderful chance to maximise the potential of Cornwall’s considerable literary and poetic heritage and the Causley Trust will be delighted to help in any way it can to ensure success.”

Gareth Churcher – Head of Service for the Cornwall Music Service Trust

Cornwall Music Service Trust employs over 100 instrumental and vocal music teachers who work throughout the County with great support from schools and others. The teachers work with individuals and groups as well as provide the majority of support for the many ensembles across Cornwall, including the County Youth Orchestra, in liaison with Cornwall Music Education Hub. The Trust realises it can play a very significant role in the Capital of Culture bid and stands ready to give its full support.”’

Peter Woodward – Centre Director at STERTS


Everyone at Sterts think that Cornwall is a Capital of Culture already. It is a fantastic idea. We have always welcomed performers from around the world and this bid encourages artists of the highest calibre to get down to Cornwall and see how much is going on… it is not just pasties and piskies!”  

Lindsey Hall – CEO RIO

Cornwall has rich tradition of arts and cultural excellence for children, young people, families and communities. Festivals abound, from Mazey Day in the west to Port Elliot in the east, people of all ages regularly come together to to share great music, dance, film, theatre, art and much more. Inclusive, engaging, entertaining and often moving, culture is a rich seam found throughout the bedrock of Cornwall. 

Over the past decade we’ve worked with many young people, schools and communities, supporting them to have great ideas, turn them into real action and collaborate with brilliant artists, makers, engineers, cooks, technologists and many others, challenging the difficult issues in our society, while creating events, activities and opportunities. As demonstrated during the European Region of Culture programme, Cornwall is rightly recognised across Europe as a place where culture is rich, diverse and valued – truly a capital of culture.

We whole heartedly support Cornwall Council’s decision to bid for European Capital of Culture – a designation that would both recognise and celebrate where we are, and galvanise the next push, with all the economic and social benefits that would bring.”