“Westminster not interested in Cornwall. We must look elsewhere” KMTU supports Capital Of Culture Bid


The important and ever growing pressure group Kernow Matters To Us has issued a statement to CS supporting the bid for Cornwall to become European Capital of Culture.

Full statement:


Kernow Matters To Us (KMTU) has long been aware of efforts to make Truro a European City of Culture and indeed of discussions which would see Cornwall as a whole become a region of culture.

We have many members who are employed in the public services, emergency services and other people based occupations. We understand that the funding for the Truro City of Culture project is ring fenced and cannot be spent on the public services which the current Westminster Government appears to wish to see wither and die on the vine following the blatant lies we were all told during the referendum campaign about health service funding.

With that in mind, we would be inclined to support the Truro project believing that for too long, Cornwall has played second fiddle to other places across the Tamar which has resulted in a complete break down of confidence in the Duchy.

2016 saw the huge wave of interest, pride and associated economic benefits of the ‘Man Engine’ tour in celebration of Cornwall’s UNESCO recognised mining heritage. Cornish heritage predates that of England’s by hundreds of years. The Cornish are an outward looking people whose ancestors walked the world and we continue to be that way as opposed to other places which are insular and inward looking.

Cornish culture tends to be portrayed as all about the Eden Project and Trebah Gardens, which is like saying that French culture equals Disneyland, Paris.

That has to stop and, if one thinks about it for just a few minutes, it becomes apparent that our culture is HUGE for such a small land and has impacted on the whole world, with more facets than the Koh-i-Noor diamond. Therefore, someone with knowledge and vision has to oversee this. The ‘Man Engine’ proved that we have such indigeneous talent and don’t need ‘blow ins’ or imported ‘consultants’ and ‘corporate buffets’ as seen elsewhere in the Duchy.

Local Cornish people, people of Cornwall and local organisations need to be involved from the start and throughout.

Cornwall needs investment and international supporters. Westminster are not interested in Cornwall. We must look elsewhere. This bid, if successful, and there’s every reason to believe it will be, will bring these things and it should be welcomed. It’s time for people to stop complaining and back Cornwall’s full potential.

Evidence increasingly indicates that the current Westminster Government and the Conservatives don’t care for Cornwall or the Cornish. The Conservatives on Cornwall Council are complaining and making mischief ahead of the council elections in May. They ape what they see in the current discredited, distant and unrepresentative Westminster Parliament.

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