WATCH: Exclusive! Preview of Wild Works new show proves why we can be Capital of Culture


It will be no secret to anyone who has been reading this site that CS is totally behind the bid for Cornwall to become European Capital of Culture.

We are, and most of Cornwall is too.

This exclusive video by Cornwall’s Wild Works Theatre, was given to us to support the #Kernow2023 bid. It’s a preview of their extraordinary show “Wolf’s Child” –  this summer at Trelowarren Estate, on The Lizard Peninsula.

This video, this piece of World Class open air promenade immersive theatre, shows the world that we are as good as them – “Here’s men as good as you!”

It shows just why the Scrutiny Committee needs to chuck out these electioneering games by the Tories and let Cornwall be the best it can be.

Because the only people who have objected are the Tories on the council and their sympathisers who have used this as a blatant piece of electioneering. The Scrutiny Committee should see through this tomorrow and let the bid take shape without any further delay.

It’s time for Cornwall to stop being afraid of itself, it turns out that we are very good at some stuff – and we are very very good at creative industries. What Wild Works, Kneehigh, Miracle, Man Engine, Golowan etc etc create the rest of the world follows.


“A woman appears on horseback, with a scruffy child in tow and the carcass of a wolf slung over her saddle. It is clear that she leads these women and keeps order amongst them; it is a school for reform. Her overall mission is to keep the wild at bay.

But one of the girls starts to explore; she goes out into the wild and discovers all those things that she has been kept away from; darkness, love, terror, freedom, the true wild and the wolves that live within it. She is allowed to be herself, to follow her desires, to live as one with her fellow beings. Slowly, she becomes an animal. Slowly, she becomes a wolf”


Photo: Steve Tanner