Comment & Opinion: Progressive Alliance for Cornwall (PAC) on why Tory opposition should join together

g barker.jpgComment & Opinion by Gavin Barker

The piece below draws on common ground between centre left parties, specifically the Green Party, Labour, Liberal Democrats and Mebyon Kernow. It does not pretend to be complete and comprehensive, covering every area of policy. Nor does it seek to claim that there are no serious policy differences or distinct party identities – that is all too evident. Rather it seeks to demonstrate that there is sufficient  common ground to form the basis of dialogue and co-operation on certain key issues. We therefore urge members from centre left parties as well as the wider public who embrace progressive values,   to take seriously the imperative of working together at both the local and national level to get the Tories out of power and to implement a progressive agenda for a better, fairer society.

Vision: Fairness, justice and prosperity for all

We intend to work together to move our country to fairness, justice and prosperity for all in the following ways:
Ensure we have a health and well-being service fit for purpose
Will be achieved by:
  •  Securing a fully funded Health and social care free at the point of need
  • Rapidly increasing effective public health measures to increase health and wellbeing in the population as a whole thus slowing the rising demand onthe health service


Housing for all
This will be achieved by:
  • Building affordable housing as need arises
  • Developing lower cost housing options
  • Upgrading all substandard homes – reduces fuel poverty , increases health, creates jobs
  • Taxing second homes at a higher rate
An economy for everyone

Will be achieved by: 

  • Cutting income and wealth inequality through a progressive
    tax system and tackling tax avoidance
  • Implementing equal pay and opportunity for women
  • Ensuring the lowest paid and unemployed are treated fairly
  • Ensuring wealth inequality is reduced
  • Reframing the economic system towards a steady state with an emphasis on sustainability and prosperity rather than impossible growth

A Financial system which works for societ

Will be achieved by:

  • Reforming the banks and creating community and local banks
  • Stopping tax avoidance
  • Implementing the Financial Transaction Tax (Robin Hood Tax)

Every Vote Counts

Will be achieved by:

  • proportional representation at both national and local level
  • Replacing the House of Lords with an elected second chamber.
  • Devolving meaningful power to local areas including financial powers and enabling control by local people in the decisions that affect their lives.
  • Legislation to promote media democracy– to improve voter understanding and engagement with the political issues of the day

Strong climate change action

We will challenge climate chaos by changing the focus and increase the fairness of our economy for all by creating millions of green jobs

Will be achieved by:

  • Honouring the Paris Climate Agreement and dramatically accelerating the transition to a low carbon economy
  • Implementing a major programme to upgrade 12 million existing homes
  • Rapidly increase the installation of renewable energy equipment all over the country, creating over 200,000 long term high tech jobs
  • Use the change to low carbon to reduce energy costs and secure safe energy supplies
  • Legislate to remove diesel vehicles and move transport to low energy options such as public transport, walking, cycling and electric vehicles
  • Focus agriculture towards regenerative practices for local food production to secure long term food supplies


Sources: the vision document draws largely from common policy principles and values espoused by centre left parties, specifically: the Green Party, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and Mebyon Kernow. It does not lay claim to be all encompassing, and acknowledges clear party differences on key issues and distinct party identity.

The Progressive Alliance for Cornwall (PAC) are holding a conference on 25th March 2017 at County Hall.

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