KMTU on Devonwall – "If democracy and the will of the people has been ignored in such a blatant manner, then what else is available?"


Statement from KMTU re Devonwall

We received the news today that the unelected quango, the Boundary Commission, have decided to cast aside all they were told last year and to continue to recommend a cross border Devonwall Constituency.

They have made this decision despite last October’s peaceful protest on one of the border bridges where hundreds of protesters closed off the road at Polson, despite wall to wall objectors over two days during the so called public consultation at Cornwall Council last year, despite thousands of communications objecting to this, despite objections from dozens of town and parish Councils across Cornwall and from Cornwall Council itself and the one MP, Steve Double, who spoke against it.

We are astonished at the arrogance of the Boundary Commission and if their aim is to anger a substantial number of people in Cornwall, then they have achieved that aim.

17 and more years ago when English Heritage put up their illegal signs, patriotic Cornish people legitimately removed them.This occurred when Westminster and its agencies ignored the will of the Cornish people. Eventually, that stubborn and strong will won through and the demands of the Cornish people and people of Cornwall were recognised and the authorities backed down.

There is a while to go yet on this particular journey but the decision made by the Boundary Commission which flies in the face of what thousands have told them begs this simple question – if democracy and the will of the people has been ignored in such a blatant manner then what else is available?

We invite them and their supporters to consider the consequences of their actions. If democracy fails us, as it has apparently done here, then many will be forced to consider what other tools are at their disposal.

Remember that it is the Boundary Commission that are acting illegally, under the Framework Convention. When it is our own government who are criminals, there is no compulsion to obey them at all

Issued on behalf of Kernow Matters To Us.