Suspended sentence for smallholder from Lanivet- banned from keeping sheep for ten years – WARNING these pics are disturbing


At a hearing at Bodmin Magistrates Court on Monday 20 March 2017, Stephanie Pedrick a 50 year old smallholder from Roseland Farm, Red Moor, Lanivet, Bodmin was banned from keeping sheep for ten years and sentenced to 3 months in custody, suspended for 2 years.

Miss Pedrick was banned from owning, keeping, participating in keeping, dealing or transporting sheep for 10 years.  She was prohibited from applying to the court to overturn the ban for 5 years.

Miss Pedrick pleaded guilty to

  1. On 17 March 2016, failing to prevent wild animals consuming the carcasses of 2 sheep and 3 lambs.
  2. On 21 July 2016 failing to dispose of the carcasses of 5 sheep.
  3. On 21 July 2016 failing to safeguard the welfare of cattle by allowing them access to collapsed fencing.
  4. On 21 July 2016 breaching a ban on keeping sheep.


For the breach of the ban Miss Pedrick was given 2 months in custody and for failing to safeguard the welfare of cattle 1 month in custody, to run consecutively, suspended for 2 years.

In addition, Miss Pedrick was ordered to pay costs of £5,426.70.

Miss Pedrick was not banned from keeping cattle as there was a lack of evidence to prove that cattle and pigs were not cared for.

Andy Burnside, Cornwall Council’s Senior Trading Standards Officer responsible for Animal Health said:  “This investigation involved some of the most serious welfare matters.  The breach of a Court Order banning a person from keeping animals, and the ongoing failure to dispose of carcasses which presented a real risk to other animals and humans, will not be tolerated.   Miss Pedrick has been given advice over the last 5 years and prosecuted three times but still failed to provide for the most basic needs of her animals.”

Jane Tomlinson, Team Leader for Trading Standards said: “Where we find repeated non-compliance and a complete disregard for farm animal welfare, we will take formal action to protect animals and the reputation of the Cornish farming industry”.



Collapsed fencing at the site near Lanivet

Sheep Skull


predated sheep ribs in March 2016


predated lamb skull in March 2016



sheep carcasses in July 16


sheep carcasses in July 16


sheep treated by Miss Pedrick on 21st July 2016

sheep treated by Miss Pedrick on 21st July 2016, close uppedrick8