Hope for the majority: “Progressives” meet in Truro on Saturday 25th March

A cross/non Party group event for the majority of people who didn’t vote for the present Government will meet in Truro this Saturday 25th March under the banner “Progressive Alliance”.

At least 100 local people are expected to attend the Conference to hear from Neal Lawson – Chair of centre-left think-tank COMPASS – Cllr Amanda Pennington – Green Party – Owen Winter – Member of the Youth Parliament and representative of Make Votes Count – and Andrew George – Former Liberal Democrat MP and convenor of of the progressive ‘Twenty-Twenty Project’. It will be chaired by former Unison Regional Organiser, Labour’s Stuart Roden.

The majority of voters didn’t support the Tories but they hold all six Cornish Parliamentary seats. The majority of people feel frustrated and powerless to influence what’s happening; to the economy, our NHS, our schools and our society.

This Conference is intended to raise optimism and hope amongst the majority. It will promote a ‘Progressive Alliance’ – an effort to achieve common cause across the political divide. Not to amalgamate political parties but to encourage them to share platforms and to work together when they agree.

The Conference is organised by the “Progressive Alliance for Cornwall” and it’s co-ordinator, Gavin Barker (a Labour Party member). More can be found at: https://progressivealliancecornwall.com/programme-25-march-2017/

Andrew George said, “Those who reject the politics of greed, prejudice and fear, reject the view that the poor have only themselves to blame, who fight for an NHS which puts patients before profit, to protect, improve and invest in public services, those who work to bequeath to our children an environment and a fair and equal society we can be proud of and who are astounded at the success of the far right and their post-truth world of “alternative facts” must now recognise we must find ways of working together rather than contriving to hand victory to the right.”Those astounded that the Tories can wield absolute power with the support of less than 24% of those eligible to vote will understand why politicians and supporters of a range of Parties are keen to find better ways of working together.”

WATCH: Gavin Barker explains how a Progressive Alliance of Lib Dems, Labour, Greens and Mebyon Kernow is essential to defeating the Tories in Cornwall. in conversation with CS editor Milo Perrin.