If you are not a bus you can't come in


You have been warned, they are watching you

Motorists are being warned that action will be taken after reports that a number of people are ignoring the very clear signs at the new, and controversial, Chyvelah Road bus gate at Threemilestone in Truro.

Some naughty folks who are in fact not a bus have been using it to access the A390.

The bus gate is for the use of “Buses Only” and a Traffic Regulation Order is in place to enforce this requirement.

So now there is CCTV monitoring and Automatic Number Plate Reading cameras in place at the junction and the details of any vehicle, other than a bus, trying to use the bus gate will be passed on to the Police for further action, including possible prosecution.

In addition, the Council will also be making changes to the traffic lights at the junction so if any vehicle other than a bus tries to go through, they will not trigger a green light. (which is quite clever).