Council candidates : Lib Dems field full house, Lab & UKIP numbers down

Cornwall Lib Dems to field record number of candidates in Council elections

The full list of candidates for the council elections on May 4th has been published.

You can find it here

At the close of nominations on Tuesday 4th April, Cornwall Liberal Democrats are ahead of the competition as they field a full house of 123 nominated candidates –  which means that every seat on Cornwall Council will be contested by a Lib Dem. No party, including the Conservatives, has ever achieved a full slate of candidates for Cornwall Council before.

The Conservatives have managed to field almost a full field, only failing to field candidates in 4 wards – and in one or two of them there is a ‘independent’ Tory.

Mebyon Kernow field 19 candidates – disappointing for Dick Cole as this is a drop on the 26 candidates they fielded in 2013. Dick has personally staked alot on these elections so he will hope for a better return than the 4 councillors MK have now.
The Green Party have also not managed to cash in on a supposed surge in popularity and field two fewer candidates than 2013.

Labour have dropped slightly too, down to 59 candidates from the 66 last time round.

The big fall is from UKIP – in 2013 they fielded a whopping 76 candidates (only one won) but this time round only 22 are standing. The argument having been won, their votes will have to go elsewhere.

It is believed that this is the largest ever number of Lib Dem candidates nominated in a single local government election nationally.

Cllr Adam Paynter, Lib Dem leader on Cornwall Council, is confident of his party’s prospects. The next likely leader of the Council said: “This shows the resurgence of Liberal Democracy in Cornwall. What is particularly encouraging is that more than 50 of the candidates are individuals who have joined the party since the 2015 General Election. It is also a younger and more diverse group of candidates than ever before.”

“We have also won five by-elections since the start of 2016. May the 4th will give everyone in Cornwall the opportunity to send a clear message to the Conservatives and their government, that Cornwall will not be taken for granted.”

The Town & Parish council candidate list can be found here