Why isn't UKIP Standing in the Election? (except in Truro?)


Nigel Challis, UKIP Cornwall Chairman has spoken to CornishStuff about why UKIP is only putting up a candidate in Truro & Falmouth at the election:

“Until we actually leave the EU we all must keep the faith and ensure that Brexit means Brexit. Pressure must be kept up  on the Conservative Government and the only party to do this is UKIP.  – The Liberals, Greens and Labour MP’s would even like  a second Referendum !

“We have thought long and hard about our best strategy, particularly after the results of the Council Elections in Cornwall, where we took  one per cent of the vote. Even die hard Kippers were telling us that this time, and this time only, they were voting Conservative , and we all understand the reasoning.

“So we will only be fielding one candidate in Cornwall, Duncan Odgers who will stand against Sarah Newton MP  for Truro and Falmouth”

Duncan Odgers who will be standing in Truro & Falmouth for UKIP

“Sarah is pro EU and an enthusiastic remainer. We have no wish to stand against the other five sitting MP’s in Cornwall who are all pro Brexit and who we campaigned with during the Referendum Campaign and who support our views on the EU.

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He told us “You only have to look at the council results. It was carnage for us – it’s obvious people are voting one way and they are not going to change their minds in three weeks are they?”

CS – Is it just because people think you’ve done your job?

“We haven’t achieved our aims yet because we are not out of the EU yet, especially not on the terms that we would like to see”

“We’ve worked well with 5 of the MPS – we’ve no wish to campaign against them and for them to lose their seats- certainly not to the Lib Dems! But Sarah Newton is an avid Remainer”

We are not going away and will be back stronger than ever when the Tories backslide on Brexit. The Prime Minister talks well, but she talked well when she was Home Secretary but never delivered on a whole host of issues, including Immigration. She was very quiet throughout the Referendum campaign and is at heart a Remainer”

Full list of Candidates standing in the General Election in Cornwall