Andrew Wallis: "It didn't take a lot to work out the answer to the deal" – Reaction to County Hall Talks Collapse

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by Cllr Andrew Wallis (Independent, Porthleven , Cabinet Member in the last administration)


The horse trading to form a new administration at Cornwall Council is proving problematic. The Tory’s have a new group leader, after reasons only known to them, they decided not to stick with John Keeling and replaced him. The other is the rejection by the Indi’s of the Tory offer of a forming an administration. In truth, it was not a joint-administration offer, because the deal was not an equal partnership and therefore was prone to failure.

The Tory’s deal offered the Independents four of the ten cabinet seats, they would ‘consider’ an Indi Chairman of the Council and Deputy, plus they would be ‘more than happy to work with the Independents to come to an agreement on the matter of Chairs and Deputy Chairs of Scrutiny Committees’. And finally, the Tory’s ‘will require any Independents who work with us to agree in principle to the Conservative Group’s Manifesto commitments for the 2017 local elections.’

It does not take a lot to work out the answer to the deal, but for those who cannot guess, it was a resounding no to this offer. You almost get the impression they wanted the deal to be rejected with the inclusion of signing up to the Tory manifesto. Or worse, they were delusional in thinking a group of people elected as Independents, would suddenly sign-up to a political party’s manifesto.

This leaves forming a new administration in unchartered waters, as the Indi’s will be putting forward their own candidate for Leader. But like the Tory’s, the Indi’s do not have a majority to win a leadership vote without support from others, namely MK, Labour and the Lib Dems. The latter could put forward their own Leader contender to make it a three-way battle to be the next Leader of Cornwall Council.

Interesting times…

Talks break down at County Hall – Indies reject Tory offer

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Meanwhile new Ind councillor Graham Coad joined in the lively debate and gave his reaction  on our Facebook site :

“Well, as a new councillor I have been involved in these talks and meetings on the Independent Group side and can tell you that Cllr. Seeva’s statements bear no resemblance to the truth,

Where is all this aggression and disinformation coming from?
All I have heard in the Independents meetings has been concern for creating an administration that puts Cornwall First.
All I am hearing from the Conservatives are efforts to put the Conservative Party first”

And Fiona Ferguson ex Conservative group Leader joined in on twitter: