CQC Issues Warning Notice to Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

The regulator of health and social care, The Care Quality Commission,  has told Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust that it must make significant improvements in the care of patients at the Royal Cornwall Hospital (Treliske) by the end of November, or face further disciplinary measures.

The CQC has issued a Warning Notice requiring the trust to improve care and ensure patient safety and confidentiality throughout the trust.

Inspectors visited the trust in July 2017 to check progress in meeting requirements that had been identified on a previous inspection in January 2017. Not enough improvement was found, hence this latest report.

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On the latest inspection, CQC found a number of issues including:

  • There were not always enough staff with the skills, knowledge and experience to meet patients’ needs.
  • There were not sufficient numbers of specialist children’s nurses to meet the needs of children and young people in the emergency department at all times.
  • Ophthalmology and cardiology had increasing waiting lists and patient demand.
  • There were high levels of delayed and out of hours patient discharges from the critical care unit
  • The hospital did not have effective systems and processes in place to ensure that confidentiality was maintained at all times.

Mary Cridge, CQC Head of Hospital Inspection (south west) said:

“We have told Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust that it must deliver significant and sustainable improvements to the quality of care that it provides to patients throughout the trust by 30 November 2017.

“The trust will get a full and detailed report following their inspection but ahead of that we wanted to be really clear about the issues that need to be urgently addressed. We will publish further details of our findings during October.

“In the meantime we will continue to monitor the service and return at a later date to check that satisfactory improvements have been made.”

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Kathy Byrne, RCHT Chief Executive has said in response:

kathy byrne rcht
Under fire Kathy Byrne, Chief Exec RCHT

“The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has issued Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust with a warning notice following their inspection of the Trust in July. This requires us to take immediate action and make significant improvements in a number of areas.

“Good, safe care is the number one priority for everyone at the Trust and we will respond swiftly and effectively to each of the CQC recommendations. Strong clinical leadership is at the heart of our improvement programme and in the coming weeks we will demonstrate our commitment and capability to make the lasting changes our local community and regulators rightly expect.”

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Some of the comments left so far

Mary MallettMary Mallett Why were these concerns not addressed after the January inspection?
Now a warning notice as the concerns have still not been addressed and the classic answer from the CEO that they will NOW be addressed before the November deadline! How on earth will that be achieved??
Abject failures!
Feel so sad for all the hard working staff who give 100% every shift
Wendy HeardWendy Heard This won’t help the morale of the working medical staff 😡. Not enough support given. Such a huge influx of population in the Summer !! Need more funding!!!
Deborah HopkinsDeborah Hopkins An unstable senior management won’t fix this. A government who believes that that the public deserve our taxes to be spend on us, not on off shore corporations and tax evaders. A government that is not spending £billions breaking up and breaking down our health services.


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