Devonwall plans could be axed, claims report

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A news report originally in today’s Times Newspaper that quotes ‘three senior sources’ of the Conservative Party, suggests that Theresa May has decided not to risk time and effort forcing through parliament the Boundary Changes that would have created Devonwall.

The proposals would have led to cutting the number of MPs in total to 600 from 650 and to make each constituency represent roughly the same amount of people. Devonwall is just a byproduct of that (and doesn’t get a mention in the national press…)

However campaigners in Cornwall are cautiously optimistic about the report that would be the latest manifesto pledge to be abandoned by Mrs May as she focuses all her attention on Brexit.

Opposition to Devonwall, the proposed new constituency that would straddle the Tamar at North Cornwall, was cross party and sustained by the vast majority of Cornwall.


Steve Double spoke against it in Parliament and today  Lord (Paul) Tyler, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Constitutional & Political Reform and former MP for North Cornwall reacted to the news

“There is no sense in forcing through changes which destroy the historic integrity of communities and require the redrawing of boundaries every five years.

Lord (Paul) Tyler

“After years of campaigning against these damaging proposals I am delighted that we are in sight of success.  This should mean that the reduction of MPs in Cornwall won’t go through, and the ill-fated joint constituency straddling the Tamar will never happen – “Devonwall” is doomed.

“I wish that this threat had been removed years ago;  only one of the present Conservative MPs in Cornwall was prepared to stand up to the party whips, or we might have achieved success much earlier.”

“There is a strong case for more consistency between constituency sizes. However, these plans will be damaging and it would be a mad time to cut the number of MPs, They need to be working harder than ever to keep a check on the government through the Brexit process.”

KMTU on Devonwall – “If democracy and the will of the people has been ignored in such a blatant manner, then what else is available?”

A spokesperson for campaign group Kernow Matter to Us said


“Following a sustained campaign involving political parties, Cornwall Council, Town and Parish Councils, campaign groups and many others, it is possible that the unlawful ‘Devonwall’ cross border constituency idea has been finally dropped by a Westminster government in crisis.

During that campaign, KMTU wrote to every Council in Cornwall and our members participated in the Polson Bridge demonstration closing off that road into Cornwall in protest at a possible fudging of Cornwall’s time honoured boundary. Letters were also sent to members of the House of Lords, MPs and many other individuals including Church leaders.

It looks possible that the Conservatives might be about to back down!”


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