Deadline for Plan to unblock Cornwall NHS missed twice, Councillors left angry

A plan to try and actually do something about the “bed-blocking” crisis in Cornwall has  been delayed and councillors have been kept waiting as officials have missed their deadline twice to produce the 100 page + report.
The “Transforming Adult Social Care” plan is supposed to address and quicken up the delayed transfer of care procedures problem that is the biggest issue facing Cornwall’s NHS and care system today.
The plan is supposed to be ready to be implemented this winter but needs council approval first.
However councillors on the Health and Adult Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HASOSC) have been left with nothing to approve or otherwise as officials were not able to produce a finalised plan in time for the scheduled meeting on Sept 27th.
The committee then rescheduled for this Tuesday (10th Oct) but the extraordinary meeting had to be postponed itself as the plan still wasn’t ready.
Disgruntled councillors only told on Monday 4pm that the plans still weren’t ready so the rescheduled meeting would have to be rescheduled again – this time for next Tuesday (17th).
However, despite further promises and assurances earlier in the week that the papers would be published by yesterday (Wednesday) Councillors still had not received anything by the end of today (Thursday).
A member of the committee told Cornish Stuff today
“Officers have set their own timetable for publishing this report.
The committee has arranged an extraordinary meeting to fit with this timetable, so failing to deliver the report as promised is disrespectful to us and to the people we represent.
“Now the officers have missed their own new deadline, we are facing the prospect of scrutinising a 100+ page report in under 3 days.”
To paraphrase Oscar Wilde “To miss one deadline may be regarded as a misfortune; to miss two looks like carelessness”!
If the report is not published by tomorrow, councillors will seek a further delay to the overview committee meeting as they will need enough time to read and scrutinise such an important report before they can be expected to discuss it at committee level to any meaningful extent.
The council could only tell us that “Due to unforeseen circumstances there was a delay in the production of the papers”.