Harbour development refused permission – but Osborne will appeal

Permission for the controversial development of Porthleven Shipyard was refused by the West Cornwall planning committee yesterday. Trevor Osborne’s Harbour & Dock company say they will appeal the decision.

Cllr Andrew Wallis of Porthleven said in his blog

Cllr Andrew Wallis

“This site meeting allowed the community to show its feeling and for Councillors on the committee to see first-hand the impact this building would have not only of the area, but Porthleven as a whole. I thank the committee for agreeing to this.

The people of Porthleven accept change will happen, but this change has to be sympathetic to our history, culture and environment. This building is not sympathetic to those important factors”

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Council officers had reccommended the application, which would have included 70 office and studio spaces, for approval. However there was strong opposition in the village, not least from the Town Council and the  Porthleven Fishermen’s and Boat-owner Association.

Three Councillors voted in favour of the project including Cllr Mike Thomas of Helston who took time to speak in favour of this application at the committee hearing.

“The committee understood the impact and harm to such a central and important of Porthleven part of this building would have and rather than just go with the recommendation for approval voted to refused this application” added Cllr Wallis.

“I thank the committee for the consideration and robust challenge. Of course, this is not the end. As the application has the right of appeal. I am hopeful if an appeal is launched, the robust reasons for refusals would be upheld and the appeal dismissed”