Liskeard to Learn Cornish for Christmas – with Will Coleman's Golden Tree



Local schools and businesses will come together with the wider community to celebrate Christmas with a feast of Cornish traditions, food and song in Liskeard this year – with the help of Will Coleman’s Golden Tree Production Company.

Participating schools will be given an introduction to the Cornish Language culminating in a weekend of activities coinciding with Liskeard Lights Up. Pupils will work alongside local artists to dress shops around the town with Cornish Language inspired decoration.

From Tuesday 31st October, community members of all ages will have the chance to get involved with a series of drop-in Kernewek and Carol Singing workshops – especially good for beginners.

Taking place at the Barley Sheaf in Liskeard between 7pm and 9pm every Tuesday, Golden Tree Productions will be hosting Cornish for Christmas, followed by singing Carols in Cornish (and being taught the words, if needed), for a truly Cornish festive experience.

Will Coleman is the artistic Director of Golden Tree, the company behind the Man Engine.

man engine win 2

The project culminates in the run up to Christmas with a Cornish language twist on the popular lantern parade, Christmas feast, carol singing, traditional music and lots more.

Golden Tree and Liskeard Town Council look forward to wishing everyone ‘Nadelik Lowen’.