Newquay Clifftop Protesters claim small victory in battle against over development

A campaign group trying to stop the over development of the clifftops at Newquay has claimed a small victory this week, as planners have rejected the latest application to build on sensitive environmental areas, that also happen to be highly attractive real estate.
The application at  Island Crescent for a swish architect designed dwelling on land near Bothwicks Road Newquay was rejected this week by Cornwall Council.
Planners said they had refused the application because of worries about “cliff instability and coastal erosion exacerbated by surface water run off and rock falls in the area”. It also “reduced the visual permeability and the general perception of openness that exists along this sensitive coastal cliff top to the detriment of the local landscape”
The house they want to build as imagined by RJC Design

A spokesperson for the Protect Newquay Clifftops  campaign group said

“The group is a number of residents all hoping to protect and preserve our coastal fringe. Mostly in regards to try and prevent new builds and redevelopment of existing builds being taken closer to the cliff edge. This includes sharing awareness of planning applications to let people know of such applications.

There have been applications that have had proposals that have done this and also that create over development or cramming on the cliff top gardens which have been highlighted through the page. Furthermore, the emerging Newquay Neighbourhood Plan would seek to prevent these proposals we have been highlighting. The Island Crescent one in particular that was refused was a retrospective application following enforcement action.”

It is understood that the developers will appeal against the decision.

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The Protect Newquay Clifftops group has received support from the local MP Steve Double.
Steve Double MP
The MP has been opposed to developments along the cliffs in Newquay, including the one here, and also others like the old Paradise Hotel and Whipsiderry Beach.
It’s unusual for an MP to get involved in planning matters but Mr Double has formally objected to a number of applications, as well as helping ensure the objections given by residents are seen at a high level in Cornwall Council.
A spokesperson for the MP told us “Steve has asked questions in Parliament about the rules that govern building so close to the cliff-edge (particularly timely given the recent landslide), and also challenged the MMO on its antiquated public consultation methods when it comes to applying for licenses to build on cliffs, getting the policy changed in the process.
The problem of course, is that developers with deep pockets keep putting through application after application and appeal after appeal, but Steve and the residents have fought a good fight so far in keeping the pressure up on them, and Cornwall Council seems to have agreed”
Steve Double himself said

“I am pleased to see Cornwall Council’s central planning committee to take the sensible decision to turn this latest planning application down.”

“I would like to pay tribute to the hard work put in by local residents, including the Protect Newquay Clifftops group, who have devoted many hours voluntarily to campaigning for applications such as this to be refused.”

“I have also made representations directly to Cornwall Council and even asked a question in Parliament about this.”

“I stated when elected that one of my priorities would be to work to protect our coasts and countryside from over-development. I am therefore pleased with this latest outcome and I will continue to do all I can to support local communities in resisting inappropriate development.”

Featured image shows site of application, circle is where a previous garden wall once was