Cornish Stuff is an independent online newspaper, that along with most authentic  journalism enterprises these days is seeking out a way of making it pay for itself.

It will always be free to access all content.

Donations to the site will go to building the site up – to grow and generate more great content for you to read and watch. A donation to the site is an investment in it’s future.

Cornish Stuff is entirely independent we are not members or affiliated to ANY political party, movement, church, union, freemasonry, Illuminati or anything at all!

We are here for the people of Cornwall – we exist to create a platform to inform and debate, so that you can have the correct information to make an informed opinion yourself.

We are though members of Independent Community News Network (ICNN) and we are regulated by Impress to ensure high standards of journalism.

We run Google Ads, which don’t generate as much as you’d think, and we have room for local ads. We now also have put a donation button on the site so our readers can support us direct. No amount is too small, every little helps as they say. Since conception, no one has made any profit and everything just gets ploughed straight back in to build up audience and content.

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We will continue to invite and rely on volunteer contributions of content but we’d especially like to start paying contributors and commission pieces.

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Meur ras / Thx

Milo Perrin


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