Green Party WILL select Candidates in St. Ives & Redruth – no pact to defeat the Tories

Green Party Proceeds with Selection of Candidates in West Cornwall

At a special meeting last night (Friday 28th April) in Redruth, members of the Green Party in West Cornwall rejected the idea of an electoral pact to oust the sitting Tories and agreed to proceed with the selection of candidates for the parliamentary seats of St Ives and Camborne & Redruth.

The selection process will be completed next week, and the candidates for both seats will be announced shortly after the local council elections.

Tim Andrewes, who stood for the party in the St Ives constituency in 2010 and 2015, has announced that he has not put himself forward as a candidate for the election because of other commitments.

‘I continue to support fully the Green Party’s values and policies, which are as relevant as ever in the current political landscape,’ he said. ‘I look forward to campaigning for our new candidate over the coming weeks.’


Tim is currently the Green Party’s sole Cornwall Councillor and is seeking re-election in St Ives East on 4th May.