The DUP 'bribe' & Cornwall – when can we expect our 6 MPS to deliver £100m each?

As the full deal to secure a (strong and) stable government power emerges, we also learned the price of power. The Conservatives have been persuaded by the DUP to invest a further £1bn into the Northern Irish economy.
With the Tories needing the 10 DUP seats to secure power this equates at £100m per MP.
As soon as the deal was announced every region in the country, every sector of public and private industry cried “Well what about us?”
And today Cornwall was no different.
‘If the DUP can get £1billion for Northern Ireland in exchange for their 10 MPs supporting the government, why aren’t Cornwall’s six Tory MPs working on a deal to get £600million of funding for Kernow in exchange for their support?!’ Mike Chappell of KMTU asked today

Derek Thomas, Conservative MP for St Ives has responded to the deal today by saying in a statement
“This is a crucial time for Britain and with the most votes and largest number of MPs in the Commons by a significant margin Theresa May has the legitimacy to lead the Government the UK needs. However, the PM fell short of securing an overall majority and, finally, details of the deal agreed between the PM and the DUP are clearer.
derek PM bw
Mr Thomas, who hosted the PM on her now infamous visit to Cornwall (the one with the locked cupboards and chips) says a SW Tory lobby group already exists.
He continued
“The DUP will support the Government on the Queen’s Speech, the Budget, and on legislation relating to Brexit and national security. This helps Mrs May govern in the national interest – strengthening and enhancing the Union, keeping us safe and securing the best possible future for us all as we exit the EU. What will also help the PM deliver her vision for Great Britain are the 50 Conservative MPs in the Southwest. Now led by former chief-whip Mark Harper, we formed in 2015 and we will not rest until we secure our fair share of funding for health, education and other public services”
cornwall tory
Can we expect our 6 MPs  to deliver £100m each in investment?
However Frances Tippett, Chair of Cornwall Liberal Democrats said: “Cornwall’s Conservative MPs made a great deal of noise during the election about how they could secure a better deal for Cornwall as part of the governing party, in the light of the £1bn bribe to the DUP let’s see if they can now put their money where their mouths were.”
“Cornwall has one of the highest levels of deprivation in the UK and is just as in need for infrastructure investment in our health services, transport and economy as Northern Ireland.
“Cornwall’s MPs are in a powerful position to demand more for Cornwall, however their record is that they will be silent lapdogs doing Theresa May’s bidding rather than standing up for Cornwall, now is the time for them to put local people first.”


And Cornish pressure group KMTU spokesperson Mike Chappell hit out at the so called ‘bribe’

“In a Cornwall struck down by massive cutbacks imposed by central government which has heavily and adversely impacted on public services, and with the Duchy’s main hospital in permanent crisis, such news could not have been worse timed.

More and more taxes raised in Cornwall are being retained by central government, very much underlining the extractive nature of Cornwall’s economy”


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Stewart Brend
Stewart Brend £100 million for South East Cornwall! Boy,the things we do with that.
Georgie LansdowneGeorgie Lansdowne If we have another election in less than a years time, I imagine we will be offered a similar deal, Labour may have a long way to go in Cornwall, but after over taking Lib Dems in several seats, we are now a threat to their safe majority. Fingers crossed they aim to pay us off soon, I’d rather have a Labour Government but I also care about Cornwall. We shouldn’t have to wait to be heard any longer.
Eileen CarterEileen Carter When they disappear to Westminster they forget Cornwall exists.
Alistair CliveAlistair Clive bunch of tory lapdogs.expect them to deliver more of the downward spiral.