Witchalls' Weekend Review : Wild Works return home with ‘magical’ Wolf’s Child

The show was, by turns, funny, fantastical, and ultimately heartbreaking, and universally the feedback was that it was a great piece of theatre.

Review by Gee Witchalls

Wolf’s Child  is WildWorks’ first show in Cornwall for more than a decade, and sees the historic Trelowarren estate taking centre stage for the ‘promenade production’ through the woods and grounds at Trelowarren – including areas that are not usually open to the public.

“We are so excited to be hosting WildWorks and this amazing production,” say Ferrers Vyvyan whose family have been guardians of the estate for 600 years. “We’ve been working with the Company over many months to make sure the action moves between  the woods and old buildings in a way which enhances the light and darkness of the Wolf’s Child story.”


WildWorks, famed for telling beautiful and moving stories in unusual ways, are proud to be bringing this story home and honouring the vision of the company’s founder, Artistic Director Bill Mitchell, who died on Good Friday 2017.

Emma Hogg, General Manager at WildWorks says, “Bill was the inspiration behind WildWorks. Under his guidance he shaped a team of like minded people set on creating landscape theatre, working with communities, their stories and their environments.”

Wolf’s Child itself tells the tale of ‘Mother’ who protects her girls from the dangers of the wild. When a wolf attack leaves her injured she sends her most trusted girl into the woods in her place. Here the girl discovers darkness, love, terror and freedom.

“Five for bone. Six for dust. Seven for a secret Sanctified in lust.”

Trelowarren Estate is a wonderful setting for a promenade theatre piece like this. To describe the famous woods surrounding some of the big estates in Cornwall as ‘magical’ may be considered a cliche, but as the audience moved into the trees, the sun was angling its beams through their branches, picking up the smoke from the fire we were about to gather around. It was indeed a most magical atmosphere.

The show was, by turns, funny, fantastical, and ultimately heartbreaking, and universally the feedback was that it was a great piece of theatre. Stuart, Denise and Rosie from Cheshire dubbed it “fabulous! The atmosphere, spectacle and energy of the work was incredible – totally involving.”

Irene form Redruth found the production “So different. Really interesting.” whilst Martin from St Mawes’ poignant comment on the play was to the point – “In the end you must follow your own path.”

Gee’s Verdict: This really is one of the summer’s must-see shows.


All tickets for Wolf’s Child, which runs from Tuesday 11th to Sunday 30thJuly, along with a short film trailer of the production, are available via the Hall for Cornwall website at http://bit.ly/2nyuKJV or call 01872 262466.

There is a pre-show set feast available at the estate’s New Yard Restaurant, which showcases the best that Trelowarren’s local seas and countryside can offer. The stable yard will also be home to the Wolf Bar and Trelowarren’s wood fired pizza shop and food van.

Please remember to take a warm, waterproof jacket, as the show will go on regardless of the weather, and also wear your wellies or some stout boots – it can get a bit muddy through the woods.

Gee Witchalls.

With thanks to J. Trevithick

Wolf's Child - in the woods. WildWorks and Steve Tanner.jpeg


Kyla Goodey, Hermione Hogg and Sue Hill in Trelowarren woods - photo Steve Tanner