Which would you prefer? The politics of hope or the politics of self-defeating tribalism?

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Cornwall needs political cooperation rather than score-settling
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A vision for co-operative political campaigning
Former Liberal Democrat MP and campaigner Andrew George is urging local party campaigners to work together and to fight division.
Mr George has been leading a national campaign to promote cross-Party cooperation, co-authoring a book (The Alternative) with Green MP, Caroline Lucas and Labour MPs, Lisa Nandy and Peter Hain and others and SNP MP Mhairi Black and others.
In the past, the former St Ives MP has shared panel discussions with members of other Parties at Labour and Green Party Conferences and is billed to attend the Green Party Conference again this autumn to do the same again. He has been coordinating meetings in Westminster and supporting the Progressive Alliance in Cornwall.
Above is the recently proposed a set of principles for those who care about Cornwall and its economy, environment and communities as a Common Platform to work together.

Andrew asked, “Which would you prefer? The politics of hope or the politics of self-defeating tribalism?

Andrew George

“I recently prepared this short document. I’ve shown it to members of all local Parties. I believe it describes a common cause; that supporters of Parties which were unsuccessful in Cornwall in the last General Election will see more here to agree on than to disagree. In fact it’s likely there’s as much disagreement within as between Parties.

Supporters of the Liberal Democrats, Green Party, Labour and MK may agree, but activists in some Parties would rather fight people they agree with, even if it means handing power to the Conservatives by default!

“Here in Cornwall, a place which could have completely altered the General Election result, the Party (Tories) which secured just 35% of the Cornish electorate nevertheless secured 100% of the representation.

No Tick Box for the Cornish yet- but officials remain hopeful after meeting

“So we are now ruled by a Party which believes in all that we “Oppose” and we are impotent to advance the policies we “Propose”. If we put the interests of the people we purport to represent above narrow tribalism we could put this right. It would have defeated at least half of the six Tory MPs at the last General Election and changed the nature of British politics.

“While a teeny minority Party tribalists hunker down, believing that just “one more heave” will deliver their tribe the glorious victory they crave, the Tories are rubbing their hands.

“But it doesn’t have to be like this. Local voters don’t have to accept that self-defeating tribalists will always deliver the same mutually assured destruction that we experienced just weeks ago.

“There is a better way. The Green Party deserves huge credit, as does MK, and so do the Liberal Democrats in seats like Brighton Pavilion and Skipton, etc for having put the better interests of the community above the self-interests of Party tribalism.

“The politics of hope means working with others to find common cause. I hope those who care about Cornwall will join us.”