The Politics of Hope – Leah Browning soaks up the festival feel of today's 'Corbyn Rally'

by Leah Browning
The “Jeremy Corbyn rally” at Heartlands in Kernow today brought with it a positive clear message of hope, solidarity, unity and a passionate Labour promise for a publicly run, publicly funded NHS.
The sun shone and a crowd more than 2000 multi-generational, diverse attendees in the beautiful backdrop of Heartlands at Pool turned up on a work day afternoon to hear Mr Corbyn speak.
There was a festival feel with flags flying, placards proudly displayed with glee while the Cornish air filled with an appetite for real social change. Jeremy Corbyn was met with cheers as he said “things could, would and shall be done differently in the future”.
He claimed Labour would win the next general election and that they would return MPs to parliament from Cornwall.
Luke Pollard Plymouth MP, Johnathon Ashworth Shadow health secretary and the Labour Leader made clear in their dark outline of what destruction Cornwall’s 6 MPs and this Conservative government were causing to OUR beloved NHS, both locally and nationally through what they described as intentional under funding, driven by Tory ideology and cruel, unnecessary austerity.
Prior to the demonstration Jeremy had met with Campaigners and discussed local issues being faced, one NHS campaigner said “Corbyn was really genuinely interested to hear from us”.
In his speech Mr Corbyn said “health care is a human right” and went on to explain that the NHS had been founded on that principle – but now it was “under threat”.
The opposition leader slammed the Conservative “political choice” of Austerity, which is “punishing the poorest” whilst cutting corporation tax and giving tax breaks to the wealthiest.
He outlined the affects 7 years on; “rising numbers of people sleeping rough, homeless people, more and more children in supersized classes, more stress on public health workers, council workers and everyone else and in this county above all else the crisis of low pay and poverty of those in work”.
He went on to speak of being proud of the transformational manifesto put together for the general election within just 2 weeks, proud of achieving 3 million more votes, and of course seeing the biggest increase in the Labour vote since their famous election victory in 1945.
Corbyn spoke of a different society, of caring for each other.  Inspirational words to continue campaigning, to continue having those conversations and to continue to hold Hope.