Couple ripped off whilst building eco-campsite in Tamar valley find support from community

Story by Leah Browning
A young couple in South East Cornwall who set out with big dreams have had their pockets rinsed and trust broken –  but it hasn’t robbed them of their passion to achieve their goal.
The couple had planned to open this summer but got ripped off
James Lankester, 37,  who says he was raised with “typical country values” and wife Liana 30, a nurse at Derriford hospital in Plymouth bought a piece of land in the beautiful Tamar valley near Callington.
They gained planning permission to start a smallholding where they could grow their own fruit, vegetables and rear animals, and also provide facilities, bell tents and shepherd huts in the woods. All situated in stunning surroundings with outstanding views, enabling guests to live comfortably,  “at one with nature”.
Once the planning permission had been approved James said he realised he needed help to undertake aspects of his project and found a builder on Facebook. James said he liked his work, accepted his quote and trusted him with upfront costs.
Although the work was started, it remained incomplete and the builder soon “disappeared” leaving James and Liana to pick up the bill and the pieces.
The future of The Copperpot Campsite in part now depends on local support, advance bookings, financial pledges from customers, donations from friends, family and supporters who wish to see them succeed.
Volunteers have been working tirelessly at the site alongside fiercely determined James.
Gary Mueller from Liskeard who lived & volunteered his work on site for a 5 week period said “they are located in a nice area and are committed to making a nice place for people to visit while helping local businesses and the local community. They will succeed, they are driven people living their dream. And it’s been my privilege to help and be a part of it.”
James who hopes to eventually raise a family in Cornwall spoke about doubts about the project;
“Lots of doubt…its been incredibly hard and I feel like we’re on the verge of losing everything, which is really sad because we can have a really lovely campsite which will appeal to a whole variety of people and will genuinely help the local economy in a really positive way.
We really need materials, we really need volunteers to help with labour and we really need funds.”
If anyone wants to help James and Liana Lankester build the platform for their future through contributing time or materials they can get in touch via their facebook page” (also on Twitter and Instagram) or by calling 07748904223