To discuss budget cuts and waste strategy, Cabinet needs a 871 page report pack


Cornwall Council’s November cabinet meeting was unusually well attended today.

Some very important issues were being discussed including the draft budget that includes £75 million of cuts, a new £600m Capital Investment programme, the new waste strategy and the plan to pay care workers the National Living Wage foundation rate of £8.75 an hour.

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But to do this they needed an incredible 871 pages of double side printed material in background information.


These ‘agenda packs’ are made available to all and anybody who wants them – councillors, media, officers and the general public despite the whole thing being online at least 7 days prior to the meeting.

In fact we spotted some councillors using the massive pile of papers to rest their laptops on so they could read the online version!


In these times of cost cutting and sustainability we had to ask if this was really necessary… and how much it cost Cornish Council Tax payers.

Care Worker pay increased, no more 15 min visits

“The cost of providing paper copies for November’s Cabinet meeting was £404.82, while the cost of paper copies for next Tuesday’s full Council meeting is £214.13.

Agendas, reports and minutes are available online. All voting Members receive a paper copy if that is their wish and other Members may request paper copies too.  We also have to make paper copies available to members of the public who wish to have them.

We have made significant progress in becoming a more paperless organisation, offering e-billing and various services that people can now access online, and will continue to increase electronic working in the future”