“Actions Speak Louder Than Words” – George and Thomas spat on Facebook

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A spat has erupted between West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas and his predecessor Andrew George on Facebook.

The Lib Dem has accused the Conservative of ducking an invitation to debate the current state of Health & Social Care in Cornwall.

But Mr Thomas has defended his record and says that his actions speak louder than words.

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Andrew George said he’d challenged his successor to a debate “in response to an attack on me which he’d posted on his social media. If he felt that strongly I felt sure he’d accept my offer. But instead I’m told he just deleted it. (I’m told he deletes lots of things which are inconvenient…)”

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Derek Thomas started it when he wrote a post attacking Andrew George and pointing to his unseen work to improve Health & Social care provision in Cornwall.

“In response to my predecessor’s recent attack regarding my work to improve social care, it may be helpful if I set out my record so far regarding social care in Cornwall.


“Andrew George can, and I’m sure will, continue to play party-political games with health and social care believing that another general election lurks around the corner” continued the MP.

“As for myself, I am committed to working with people from across the political spectrum, including across political parties in Westminster, to work to ensure we have a health and care system that values its workers, is adequately funded and provides the best possible care for people when they need it”

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Andrew George was MP for West Cornwall & Scilly from 1997 to 2015 when Derek Thomas won the seat for the Conservatives at his second attempt. Although seen as the best chance to nick a seat off the Tories in Cornwall at this year’s election, Thomas defended his seat from a strong Andrew George challenge in May. George has said he is ready to fight for the seat back again if another general election is called soon.
Thomas said people need to look at his record rather than listen to George’s frequent words on the subject “We all know that actions speak louder than words and on this I will be judged”

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But Andrew George retorted “If actions speak louder than words then your next action will be to agree to a date, time and venue where you and I can debate these matters properly”



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