Tuesday: Protest at County Hall as ACO inquiry gets underway

Should be a busy day at lys Kernow / County Hall today as the Inquiry into the creation of Cornwall’s Accountable Care System gets underway at 10am. Then this afternoon the STP  Shaping our Future Transformation Board at 2pm in the Trelawney Room.

There will be another demonstration outside from 9 – 10am called by the local Momentum faction of the Labour Party. (*see below)

The six councillors making up the  panel are

Colin Martin (LibDem)

Karen McHugh (LibDem)

Bert Biscoe (Ind)

Sue Nicholas (Conservative)

Andy Virr (Conservative)

Loveday Jenkin (MK)

They will hear a presentation from NHS England, then ‘Comments and Observations from Non-Inquiry Members’  but this does not include public questions.

Unfortunately the council has not organised a live webcast for the inquiry.

Nationally, Accountable Care Systems are facing a judicial review being brought about by a group of professional medical experts and senior NHS staff.

The Conservatives have joined calls for the final decision on whether Cornwall gets an ACO should go to Full Council.

James Mustoe, Deputy Leader of Conservative group on the council told us “We are pleased that there is a cross-party group of councillors tasked with conducting the inquiry. Each political group has been given a chance to include councillors as part of the inquiry. From the Conservative perspective, our councillors on the panel are Andy Virr, who is an A&E Consultant at RCH Treliske, and Sue Nicholas, who has decades of nursing experience in many different roles. We have every faith in their knowledge of local NHS matters.”

“We do believe that Full Council should get a vote on what is undoubtedly a huge decision for the people of Cornwall.”
Cornish Stuff will there to cover the day.
Update: We are happy to print this correction sent to us by Paul Farmer :
“I just feel I should point out that your reporting of the lobby at Lys Kernow on Tuesday contains an inaccuracy: it wasn’t called by Momentum, it was the Labour Party. In our case it was endorsed by the Executive Committee of CRH CLP, and discussion and planning have taken place through Labour Party channels as part of an ongoing campaign on NHS Cornwall coordinated by Cornwall Labour Party”