Armed Robbery at Michael Spiers, Truro

A dramatic and scary armed robbery took place on the streets of Truro this morning.

High end jewellery shop Michael Spiers was targeted by a gang of four or five men wearing balaclavas, some of them carrying guns just before 10 am.

Eye witnesses report that two members of the public had weapons pointed at them as the gang attempted their escape. One gun was recovered by the police from the pavement outside the shop.

One is said to be a driver of a bin lorry who tried to stop the getaway vehicle escaping but was forced to move his lorry. Other members of the public also raised the alarm and a group of schoolchildren are said to have been outside the shop as the robbes made their escape. The vehicle then made it’s escape up Lemon Street. Pepper spray was also used in the attack.


A member of the public is believed to have been injured in the incident. His injuries are thought to be from pepper spray and are said to be minor.

Another eye witness described seeing the four men wearing their hoodies up acting suspiciously as they parked up at Garras Wharf before  the attack and then they all transferred to another vehicle.

Inspector Rick Milburn said: “We have reports that four to five armed men entered the jewellers. A firearm has been seized at the scene.

It is believed that a noxious liquid was sprayed at a member of the public, his injuries are being treated as minor and paramedics treated him at the scene.

“This is an extremely rare incident to happen in Truro and thankfully no one was seriously harmed in the incident.

Police scoured the area around Lemon Quay and central Truro for clues and any discarded items in litter bins.

“Scenes of Crime Officers are currently at the scene carrying out further enquiries. Searches are underway for the suspects.

The centre of Truro has now returned to normal and police have removed the barriers that were at the crime scene. it is not known when the shop may re-open.

“We are continuing dynamic inquiries at present and ask anyone with information to contact us via 101 quoting log number 204 10/01/18.”



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  1. Why is penzance , allowed to become a lawless town where people feel unsafe , shops are closing . Drug related crime allowed to carry on Un challenged .I feel sad powerless as I don’t understand why .cornwall council are to blame they get paid by other councils to take problem families , for money while descent hard working locals live in precarious high rented accommodation. That is corruption in my book.

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