Priority No.1 : “Inspire Disruption” in Cornwall

LEP calls for the creation of a Cornish Creative Enterprise Zone to capitalise on a sector that is already growing at twice the rate of the UK economy

This week the LEP published it’s  ‘21st Century’ pitch to Government and business with ’10 opportunities’ for Cornwall  

Cornwall’s famous and vibrant Creative Industries was first on the list of the LEP’s priorities, that also included Space & Communications, Agri-Tech and Marine Renewables.

The LEP are calling for a tax break enticing Enterprise Zone for the Creative sector, similar to Cornwall’s existing Enterprise Zones for Marine Renewables, the Aerohub including the Spaceport & Goonhilly.

The LEP say they want to “inspire disruption and innovation and create opportunities for growth turning Cornwall and IOS into the destination of choice for creative businesses”.

Build it and they will come. But when they arrive they’ll find an already flourishing industry that punches well above it’s weight in the national sphere.

Cornwall has been shaping enterprise zones ignoring any physical geographical limitations and leads by sector. Existing zones up country tend to be based around an actual zone of a city, for example Bristol’s Temple Quarter  or Sheffield City centre.

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Being in an Enterprise Zone allows for super easy planning regulations, tax incentives for investment and further support from the Government.


LEP chairman Mark Duddridge said: “We’re pitching a 21st Century economy to Government and investors that shows off our strengths and sells opportunity.

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“We should be the workplace of choice for fast-growing sectors like digital tech and creative industries” said Dudderidge when launching the paper this week.

Mark Duddridge

The LEP say it’s too early to put too much detail on the plans for Cornwall’s next Enterprise Zone but this week’s LEP prospectus comes at a crucial time as the Government sets about reshaping its economic agenda for post-Brexit Britain in line with its Industrial Strategy, published in November.

 38 LEPs across the country will be expected to come up with their own regional Industrial Strategies to drive business growth and job creation in their areas. These will inform subsequent bids to the Government’s Shared Prosperity Fund which is designed to replace EU funding when it runs out in 2020.

One idea is to create a hub for the screen industries, a research park and a lab for developing Virtual Reality experiences.

Cornwall’s Enterprise Zones on Google Maps – click on the markers for more info :

Ross Williams at Creative Kernow  told us “We welcome this recognition of the importance of Cornwall’s creative and cultural sector for our economy and the opportunities it can offer for all of Cornwall’s communities.

Ross Williams, Chief Executive of Krowji’s umbrella organisation Creative Kernow since 1991.

“Through our work and our most well-known projects – Carn to Cove, Creative Skills/Cultivator, Cornwall 365, FEAST and Krowji – we have been supporting the sector for more than 30 years so it’s great to see this being properly acknowledged.

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A challenge for us all is to spread the opportunities across the whole of Cornwall so that it’s not just a few hot-spots that benefit, but one of the great things about the creative and cultural industries is that you can be a freelancer yet still be part of a vibrant connected network – that’s something we’ve always been good at here”

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Emmie Kell of Cornwall Museums Partnership called it good news for ‘Cornwall has a long tradition of creativity and creativity is at the heart of the essential skill set for the 21st century. A clear focus on supporting our creative industries in Cornwall is very welcome.’

Emmie Kell
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