Full Council Today – Here’s what they are (not) talking about

Full Council meets at County Hall / Lys Kernow today to discuss… well not that much, not substantive anyway.

Compared to say November’s council today’s meeting is decidedly empty of council business.

Full Council is when all the county councillors come in to ratify council proposals and debate issues of importance.

As you can see from the agenda, there’s no real council administration business to ratify – difficult to do before the budget is fixed next month – so we’ll just get Leader’s announcements, public questions then a series of motions from ‘back bench’ councillors.

These motions, if passed by the councillors, are mostly suggestions and recommendations back to Cabinet or relevant committees.


Today, Conservatives councillor will raise another motion calling on a reduction in the cost to people with disabilities for Cormac to paint a disabled parking bay on the road for them.  Costs associated with the creation of a traffic regulation order, advertising, consultation, and implementation of a new bay lining and signing is around £3800 per bay in Cornwall but other councils either offer the service for a fraction of the cost or for free.

The Council have implemented around 6 bays over the last 12 months, with the above costs being met by the member of the public who has applied for the bay. Based on the same number of bays per annum, the financial implication for the Council would be around £23,000 per annum.

Rob Bullen

Likelihood of passing: Pretty good, should receive populist support across the chamber


Proposal by Labour group to make all holiday lets etc pay council tax rather than business rates as this would raise significant sums for the council. Read more about it here Should all Holiday Lets Pay Council Tax? Council could raise a least £1m a year

Likelihood of passing: Fairly good, has popular support but unclear what the full implications may be


Motion to allow Full Council to have final say on all the changes being proposed for Cornwall’s NHS and Health & Social Care services.

The Accountable Care Inquiry has not finished its sessions yet or made any recommendations as to which of the six management options to take forward, so easy to say ‘let’s wait and see’.

The decision in relation to the Accountable Care System is a decision of Cabinet, not Council. There may be aspects of the decision at later stages that require Council approval, but the substantive decision rests with Cabinet. The law is clear that the function is a Cabinet decision.

Full council could only ever express their will with a recommendation to Cabinet that would be hard to ignore.

Likelihood of passing: Even though it sound good on paper, likely to be defeated as councillors will not want to pre-judge or interfere at this time with the official inquiry. They may come back to this one another time.

Tour of Britain

Cyclists are asking the Council to underwrite £450,000 to host a stage of the Tour of Britain.

This was raised previously in November but was sent out to committee for analysis.

The bid would have to be submitted by end of January 2018 which organisers have prepared but are awaiting council sponsorship.

The council’s officer report says that in the time remaining this is not achievable.

Likelihood of passing: About as much chance as your mother winning the Tour de France.

Leader of Cornwall Council, Cllr Adam Paynter (Lib Dem, Launceston)

There will then be ‘Cornwall’s Prime Minister’s Questions’ when the Leader, Portfolio Holders and committee chairs are grilled on their activity by other members.

Cornish Stuff will be there all day so look out later to find out what happened.


Dr Levin: An Accountable Care System for Cornwall: Is ‘Shaping our Future’ now an exercise in empire-building?

Plans to Extend Blue Badge Parking for People with Hidden Disabilities

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LEP Chief Rothwell to step down

Chair of Truro Momentum resigns over “lies”, “scaremongering” and “slander”

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5. Leader’s Announcements
6. Minutes of the Meeting held on 21 November 2017  PDF 152 KB
7. Questions from the Public  PDF 39 KB

(to be received by the Monitoring Officer by 12 noon on Thursday 18 January 2018)


8. Recommendation from the Constitution and Governance Committee – 6 December 2017
8.1 Substitutes on Committees  PDF 43 KB

Additional documents:

9. Motions
9.1 Disabled Parking Equality: Proposer: Councillor Pears: Seconder: Councillor Mustoe  PDF 88 KB

Additional documents:

9.2 Holiday Lets to All Pay Council Tax: Proposer: Councillor Dwelly; Seconder: Councillor Kirk  PDF 25 KB

Additional documents:

9.3 Full Council to Vote on NHS Changes – Proposer: Councillor Olivier: Seconder: Councillor Barnes  PDF 24 KB

Additional documents:

9.4 Cornwall to Host a Stage of the Tour of Britain: Proposer: Councillor Rich: Seconder: Councillor J Martin PDF 31 KB

Additional documents:

10. Questions from Members for Members of the Cabinet

A period of 60 minutes is allocated for this purpose.


11. Questions from Members for Committee Chairmen

A period of 30 minutes is allocated for this purpose.


12. Any Other Business that the Chairman Considers to be of Urgency

The Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985 prohibits the consideration of any items which have not appeared on the agenda for the meeting unless the Chairman is prepared to certify that a proposed item is ‘urgent’. An urgent item dictates that a decision must be made and, if this is the case, it must be as a result of a formal written report.  If urgent, the special circumstances which make it so must be spelled out to the meeting.

The Full Agenda is here

You can watch the whole thing on the Council’s webcast

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