Stadium for Cornwall asks for £6m to complete build – Watch interview with Council Leader

Stadium for Cornwall would be viable once built

The partners behind the Stadium for Cornwall project have written to Cornwall Council asking for up to £6 million to complete the project.

The Cornish Pirates, Truro City FC and Truro & Penwith College attached a business plan to prove that once up and running the stadium project is viable but they could be £6 million short to fund building it in the first place.

The total cost of the 10,000 seat stadium would be £14 million. The partnership say it’s raised £6m itself so far and has a £2m borrowing facility.

Adam Paynter delivered the news as part of his Leader’s Announcements at Full Council today.

The council has previously passed motions of support for the stadium but in 2012 said that council money shouldn’t be used unless there is a Full Council vote on it.

The Stadium group need to know relatively quickly so Paynter has said the request will now be carefully considered and a recommendation will be made at Cabinet on March 28th. That recommendation will be voted on by Full Council on April 17th.

The long-awaited and much discussed stadium would see the Pirates and Truro City share a ground on the western approach to Truro, with the college basing it’s successful sporting academies there.


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The council leader said that it was now up to the partners in the project to convince the rest of Cornwall that the stadium would be for the whole of Cornwall, for everybody and not just the two clubs.

Ambitious Truro City have sold  their Treyew Road ground to a supermarket but the deal to build their own stadium collapsed. They will play at Bodmin FC next year.

Lakalaka Waqanivere - Flanker

The Pirates say it is unsustainable to stay at the Mennaye field. It is thought Dicky Evans and other directors underwrite the Pirates £250,000 loss every season. The site of the Mennaye is not big enough to expand and the Rugby Premiership say you must have a ground that meets their standards to be promoted. The Pirates have remained one step away from the big time for over ten years now, since Lakalaka Waqanivere and Joey Bearman tore the house down.

Evans has indicated that this really is the last chance for a Stadium and without the prospect of growth he can’t be expected to continue to fund the Pirates forever.

When interviewed today Council leader Paynter reminded us that David Cameron, a Culture minister and the local MPs have all previously promised that the stadium would be funded by the government somehow. Mind, that was during an election campaign.



Watch Adam Paynter interview about Stadium


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  1. For the last decade all we’ve heard is the same old mantra ‘it won’t cost the tax payer a penny ‘add infinitum but apparently now the begging bowls finally come out and just a small matter of SIX MILLION POUNDS of tax payers money is all of a sudden what’s expected. Well if you want to fund this complete white elephant vanity project then I suggest you let market forces do its thing and there’s your problem. It’s not needed and only a few greedy, deluded obsessive nut jobs want it. I’m sure I speak for the rest of the county in hoping you don’t see penny one from our already meagre coffers. Oh and can we please stop this ‘for cornwall’ nonsense, it’ll do nothing for the rest of the county this is yet another example of Truro expecting everything to be lavished on it while the rest of the county get thrown the scraps from the table.

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