Video of A30 Carland Cross to Chiverton Upgrade – fly over the new road

A30 Carland Cross to Chiverton Upgrade in Cornwall

Highways England have released a video of their plans to upgrade the A30 from Carland Cross to Chiverton. Fly over the new road as it is imagined it will look when opened in 2022.

The preferred route was announced in July 2017. Since then they have been developing the design of the scheme by talking to land owners, undertaking additional surveys and progressing our environmental assessments.

The public consultation is now under way dates can be found here


Plans to upgrade the A30 in Cornwall to go on public display

A30 Carland Cross to Chiverton improvements of ‘strategic importance’

The proposal includes:

  • an 8.7 mile, high quality 70mph dual carriageway, connecting to the existing A30 dual carriageway at either end
  • replacement of Chiverton Cross roundabout with a new, 2 level motorway style roundabout
  • a new, 2 level partial junction at Chybucca, with west-facing slip roads connecting to the new dual carriageway
  • replacement of the existing roundabout at Carland Cross with a 2 level motorway style junction
  • new bridges and accesses across the new road and the old road
  • retention of the existing A30 including the construction of further local roads to maintain connectivity.

For more info about the scheme go here

The online consultation can be found here

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