Minister makes final decision on Menehay greenfield application

George Eustice MP has welcomed the recent decision by the Secretary of State to reject plans to build on Menehay Fields after a long running planning saga came to an end.

Plans to build 226 new dwellings at Menehay Fields, Budock near Falmouth were originally refused by Cornwall Council and the appeal was dismissed.

However, the developer chose to appeal the Council’s decision which prompted the Camborne & Redruth MP to write to the Housing Minister.


New homes on Fowey ‘greenfield site’


The Minister recommended that the appeal be dismissed, and planning permission be refused thereby dismissing the appeal.

The Minister concluded that, the proposed development would significantly harm the landscape character and visual amenity of the are including reducing the physical and perceptual gap between Falmouth and Budock Water.

Concerns were also raised as to the loss of a valuable greenfield site.

A similar application was made in October 2013. That was also refused by Cornwall Council and the appeal was dismissed.

George Eustice MP (Conservative)

George Eustice MP said, “I am pleased that the Minister has upheld the Council’s decision and refused the appeal.

It is right that greenfield sites like that of Menehay are protected from developments. I have always said that there should be a principle of building on brownfield sites before greenfield sites especially around our towns and this case is no different.

I want to thank all the local residents who were engaged in this campaign, and I will continue to work and protect our greenfield sites.

Mr Eustice has a campaign page ‘Protect Greenfield Sites’ at:

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