Brexit: Chamber Tells Cornish MPs – ‘Get on with it!’

The Cornwall Chamber of Commerce has written an open letter to all six Cornish MPs pleading with them to accept Theresa May’s Brexit deal and to ‘get on with it’.

They say this is the only way to end the uncertainty hanging over the business community.

The letter is signed by the Chamber’s Chief Exec, Kim Conchie who says

Kim Conchie of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce

“As the voice of business in Cornwall,  Cornwall Chamber of Commerce has visited its membership and spoken with them regarding their position on the Brexit proposal. Business has waited on uncertainty too long and now feels it is time to have a plan to work to. Business needs clarity.”

The letter says the MPs need to back the PM’s deal because “to suggest now that our civil servants and politicians who have been working on this for months would have missed something that the EU negotiators would have let slipped through is ridiculous. Let’s get on and implement the deal Theresa May and the team have negotiated.

Business needs clarity and this deal at last provides a way ahead”

Cornwall Chamber of Commerce open letter for MPs Cornwall


Our MPs have mirrored the numerous different reactions across the house to the PM’s deal. Sheryll Murray is implacably opposed and has written to the Tory 1922 committee asking for the PM to go; Steve Double, Scott Mann and Derek Thomas have all said they can’t support the present deal but don’t want a change of leader; Sarah Newton supports the deal and the PM, whilst George Eustice indicated in our exclusive interview that he probably will support the deal but at the time wouldn’t say outright, as he said he hadn’t read it yet. He also does not want a change of leader.

Council leader Adam Paynter will meet the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator , Michel Barnier, in Brussels on Dec 19th but before that the council will vote on a motion at next week’s Full Council that calls for support for a second referendum.

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