Cornish Stuff is an independent online newspaper, Cornwall’s broadsheet if you like, that along with most authentic  journalism enterprises these days is seeking out a way of making it pay for itself.

It will always be free to access all content. We don’t run the annoying ads that take over your device.

Ad revenue to the site will go to building the site up – to grow the audience and generate more great content for you to read and watch – and to create a platform for you to target Cornwall’s residents. An advert with the site is an investment in it’s future.

Cornish Stuff is entirely independent – we are not members or affiliated to ANY political party, movement, church, union, freemasonry, Illuminati or anything at all!

We are members of Independent Community News Network (ICNN) and we are regulated by Impress to ensure high standards of journalism – great content that you will be happy for your brand to be associated with.

Ways to Advertise:

We run Google Ads, and we have room for local ads.

Google Ads – use keywords ‘CornishStuff’ ‘Cornwall’ or enter our URL and bid like normal. We have plenty of content and spaces for you to win places.

Direct – if you don’t use Google ads or you want to guarantee your place on the page, simply contact us direct 07943 471725 and we can easily make a bespoke solution for you. It can be as simple as sending a jpeg and a link and it’ll cost similar to a google campaign but with assured placement.