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We are a new, alternative, independent source of News, Comment & Opinion of Cornwall’s politics.

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We believe a different kind of politics and politician is not only possible but necessary.

And you can assume we’re not too happy with what we’ve got in Cornwall at the moment.

Are you?

We are most interested in making sure our bureaucrats are doing the job they are paid to do, that’s all, because they work for us. We’ll focus on the people’s representatives in Westminster and County Hall.

We are Cornish but this is not about that. However we will certainly be defending the Cornish people’s God given right to be Cornish .

But this is about everybody who lives here now be it if you were born here or moved here.



You can make comments about individual stories on the article’s page and on our Facebook page.

We welcome submissions for our news section. This could be for any thing that you think is newsworthy! Get hold of us by DM first and let us know the gist of it. If we like it we’ll ask you to write the story in your words but we don’t want rants we want news. We’ll no doubt tidy it up and put our two pennyworth in but you will of course be credited (if you want to be…)

We welcome Comment & Opinion pieces from across the political spectrum (but not racists obviously). Keep it relevant to the site. We are looking for considered, agenda setting material of no less than 1000 words.

A submission is no guarantee of publication.


“We’d like to change the world …. if that’s alright with you”



“Res yw dhymm … Kernow Bys Vykken!


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